Osteopathy and Dry Needling Services  

Osteopathy and Dry Needling Services Remember those movies you saw growing up where the old monk would heal the main guy after he got beat by the bad guys, fixing his bones and muscles through different methods including massages and the use of needles across specific points on his body, with candles spread across the room? Well, a large part of this has to do with Osteopathy, a form of manual therapy, purposed at improving health across the body system through the manipulation and strengthening of the musculoskeletal framework. This is a drug-free, manual therapy that aims to improve health across all body systems through a focus on the muscles, spine, and joint.

The primary aim of this is to ensure the proper functioning of the lymphatic, nervous, and circulatory systems.
One of the primary ways this is done, is through dry needling. Dry needling as the name implies means that the needles have no drop of liquid like hypodermic or liquid of any sort in them. The insertion of this needle, which is always tiny, into the part of the muscle that has become tight either due to a severe injury, bad posture, or because it has been overused, a message is sent to the brain, which eventually results in the relaxation of the muscle, and an increased flow of blood to the affected area which in turn leads to an increased healing process.
Insertion into the affected area sends a message known as a “micro-trauma” which, starts the whole process of healing for the area in question.

It is fascinating, that dry needling can be used to help anyone, with age or gender not being an obstacle or a barrier, and has a wide range of effect and impact, ranging from neck and jaw pain to injuries occurred during sports, and muscle tension amongst others.
At Cranbourne Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Australia, you can be assured a wonderful dry-needling experience that would guarantee results in no time.

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