Osteopathy Services in Cranbourne

Osteopathy was  started around the 1800s and since then the growth of this method of treatment
has been adopted by many countries and providers of health services. Employing  the use of hands-on techniques, osteopaths are able to focus on muscles, joints, and spine or simply interconnected stresses and strains for  the purpose of helping your body remedy the imbalances.

It is also  important to understand and appreciate the fact that your systems of the body  do not operate in isolation-they are in a way also affected by your mind and  environment. Often imbalances in one structure or area often lead to impaired  function or compensation in another.

It is also imperative  to note that our massage Cranbourne services are tailored to meet the needs of  every patient. The osteopathic techniques are applied uniquely according to the  particular patient. Furthermore, the massage Cranbourne service that we offer  is able to treat a variety of conditions and also is suitable for any age (adults, elderly, babies and children).

Massage  Cranbourne service for adults

The conditions  that are normally treated with osteopathy, massage, for adults include:

·Joint, back, shoulder, neck pain

·Health problems that are stress related

·headaches and migraines

·Unresolved long-term pain or discomfort

·Menstrual irregularity and pain

Massage Cranbourne service for the elderly

If a patient is elderly, it is by nature and thus common that healing tends to take a bit  longer compared to children and adults. But even with the fact that aging  affects the systems of your body, the body is adaptable and will be able to  heal. Some of the conditions treated by our Massage service in Cranbourne for the elderly include:

·Circulatory conditions

·Sciatica, neuropathies

·Post-surgical care

·Rheumatologic disorders

Massage Cranbourne service for children and babies


·Asthma, allergies, eczema

·Musculoskeletal conditions

·Sleep disturbances

·Concentration or learning difficulties

·Chronic immune problems  such as recurrent cough and cold

·Back, muscle and joint pain


·Difficulty in feeding

·Difficulty in gaining weight


·Cranial molding

In conclusion,
apart from the various people with different ages that can benefit from our
massage service offered in Cranbourne, pregnant women can also benefit greatly.
That is because often pregnancy and labor stresses the body and that can lead
to long-term or temporary problems. Some of the pregnancy or labor conditions osteopathy
(massage Cranbourne) can help deal with include back pain, post-caesarean
scarring and pelvic discomfort.

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